Garuda Idol

Garuda Deva

The great golden bird, Garuda has attained everlasting fame and grace as the vehicle of Maha Vishnu, the preserver and the Lord of this Universe. From the flaps of Garuda's rhythmic wing-span emanates the hymns of Sama Veda, say the learned.

At the center of this pleasing Nada Brahma resides the vision, power and greatness of a being who redeemed his own innocent mother from slavery, with power and commitment, dare and resoluteness. Having no more heights to conquer, his humility and grace acquired the noble responsibility of carrying the Preserver of the Universe - Lord Maha Vishnu, anywhere, anytime, as the Lord himself dictate!

We are now living in an age and time, where ravage of men has brought our whole living system nearest to collapse, taking our Mother Earth to unseemly trials and tribulations. Bringing her back to joyful times is a hard task. Unless we change our aspirations, approaches and attitudes to Nature and all born out of that, there is very little we can hope for.

Garuda has evolved from an attitude to Nature and Her offsprings, which consider all of them as divine and worthy of worship, veneration and admiration. Individually, each of us last a few decades, wastes and dies! What more can we do to remind our offsprings that the seed of their happiness, joys and tomorrows rest in Nature and habitats strewn all around us and we should try to resist any action that may sooner or later destroy these great achievements of nature?

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